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How to Use Twitter for Business

Twitter - One of the Most Important Social Media Platform

Social media platforms have emerged as an incredible medium for businesses to establish themselves amongst their audiences. The internet was already considered a huge game-changer in the world of business but the emergence of social media platforms have taken the role of internet to a whole new level. While businesses could easily survive without having a strong online presence like a website till a few years ago, it’s not possible anymore. If your business is not present online i.e. if your business is not present on social media, it doesn’t exist in almost everyone’s book.

Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms and while it is not as big as Facebook in terms of sheer numbers but it is a very exciting platform nonetheless. It has great potential for a business too as there is no selectivity done by Twitter when compared with Facebook. While Facebook would only put your business’ posts on the individual’s newsfeed if the individual not only likes your page but also consistently visits it. It’s not the same with Twitter. If an individual follows your Twitter account, the tweets will appear on his/her Twitter feed for sure. It’s also easier to reach your target audience through Twitter through proper hash-tags whereas Facebook’s hash-tag feature hardly has the same impact. This is not to downplay the importance of any social media platform but to tell you that if you want your business to excel on social media, it’s necessary that you put a lot of your focus on Twitter. This will mean that you will eventually need to obtain Twitter for Business support to make sure that you are using Twitter in a manner that will benefit your company.

Using Twitter for the Benefit of Your Business

While it’s true that social media has a lot of power but it’s also important for businesses to understand that they can’t use social media just like individuals do and think that they would be able to get the best out of social media platforms for their businesses. Businesses need to approach all social media platforms with an entirely different mindset than the average Joe and only then can businesses truly establish their online presence on social media.

Businesses should usually go for a three-pronged strategy on social media websites. The three components should be:

Wow people conventionally by producing solid social media content, by engaging with the audience, by preparing contests and by giving the audience the most important. This can be termed as getting people to naturally warm up to your business akin to SEO for getting to top rankings on Google.
Use the social media platform’s own advertising strategy to reach out to people who don’t ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your business’ page or account. When advertising, remember to market to the audience who would be interested in what your business has to offer. This is similar to PPC for getting to top rankings on Google.
Using the social media to get access to e-mail addresses of the audience who would want to listen from you every week via e-mail. People don’t signup anymore but do expect to receive e-mail newsletters and you can do just that by getting their e-mail addresses from their social media accounts.

The thing with Twitter is that you can’t really put money in an advertising campaign on Twitter. This is because while Twitter is a great platform, advertising on Twitter hardly pays dividends. People hardly give any importance to sponsored tweets on their Twitter feeds as the tweets keep changing every few minutes. And you can’t really say much that would interest people too much within 160 characters. So, a two-pronged approach would be better in case of Twitter.

Tips for Promoting Your Business on Twitter Naturally

If you want to naturally build your audience on Twitter and want them to notice what your business has to say every time they log in, you will have to be street smart. Here are a few 31 tips by forbes to help you do so:

Schedule your posts so that they release at times when most of your audience would be using Twitter. Repost your tweets multiple times so that every follower sees it at one point or another.
Make sure to respond to everyone who mentions you in their tweets. Follow back all of your followers.

Tips to Use Twitter for E-mail Marketing

A great way to use Twitter is to scrape it for user information and then to use that information to reach to your audience’s e-mail directly. You would have to do a bit of searching on your own to first identify legitimate people who would be interested in your services and you would then have to scrape their profiles to find their websites and to then scrape their websites to find their e-mail addresses. Email harvesting through twitter may sound a huge task but it can be done easily by companies who invest sufficient time and energy into their Twitter account.

If you are ready to set up your Twitter business account, you can go ahead and do so now as there is also Business Twitter available here .

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